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Carlos Montero was born in México City, Master degree at Polytechnic University of Cataluña ​UPC /​ BARCELONA / UIA, CDMX.


Somos un grupo de profesionales apasionados por el diseño y la construcción de espacios, los medios y fines de nuestro producto son la comodidad ambiental y la conservación de los recursos.


El clima extremo y los sitios de edificios complicados nos muestran el camino. Nos han proporcionado las instrucciones para diseñar de manera adecuada y sensible, con respeto en todo momento a nuestro entorno. También debemos tener el sentido común para aplicar la tecnología en nuestro beneficio.


COMO DICE Félix Sànchez ...


"... ser arquitecto es una forma de ser, un estado de privilegio


construimos la casa de un hombre, su refugio, su piel, podemos decir eso,


donde la familia interactúa y sus necesidades están satisfechas,


aspiraciones y sueños se logran ... "



... Equipo galardonado de arquitectos y consultores con sede en la región paradisíaca de Baja California Sur...


We are a group of professionals who are passionate about the design and construction of spaces, the means and ends of our product are environmental comfort and resource conservation.


Extreme climate and complicated buildings sites have show us the way. They have provided us with the instructions to design adequately and sensitively, with respect at all times TO our surroundings. We Must Also have the common sense to Apply technology to our benefit.


AFélix Sànchez says..


"..to be an architect is a way to be, a privilege state


we build the house of a man, his refuge, his skin we may as well say that,


where the family interacts and their needs are satisfied,


aspirations and dreams are achieved.."


...Award winning team of Architects and consultants based In the paradise region of Baja California Sur...



Recomendaciones / recommendations



Casa La Piedra



January 17, 2014


I’ve had the pleasure of working with Carlos and his team for the last 3.5 years in the design

and build of my beautiful home in La Paz, BCS.

When I first met Carlos, I immediately recognized his passion and excitement for design.

Throughout this process, he listened carefully and was able to capture and bring my vision to life.


The construction phase went smoothly as Carlos managed every detail of the project while

providing regular updates and photos of the status. He was also very diligent about

responding to requests and questions in a timely fashion and always provided an honest and

straightforward answer.


Upon completion, I visited my new house after not having seen it for over a half a year and was

completely blown away by the finished product. It was more beautiful and elegant than I had

ever imagined and more structurally sound than homes found in North America.


I would not hesitate to work with Carlos again and would highly recommend him to anyone

looking to design or build a home. Carlos and his team are professional, passionate and focus

on doing things correctly rather than quickly. They are also very conscientious, caring for their

community, their surroundings and the people working on the project.


When I visited the site for the first time part way through construction, it was a healthy and

vibrant mood and this has translated into a tranquil, peaceful and relaxing place I now call



Melanie Yip




Casa El Rincón del Sol



June 6, 2003

To whom it may concern:


We recently completed a vacation home on the East Cape of Baja. It is a "green" home, with many innovations to make our ecological footprint minimal. We retained Carlos Montero as our architect and general contractor. The project is finished, and as we look back, we can say that retaining Carlos was one of the best decisions we made.


We are very fortunate to have worked with Carlos for several reasons. First, Carlos operates with the highest degree of integrity and honesty. My wife and I have never undertaken a project as large as this in the US, let alone in Mexico. In addition to the large task of actually designing and building a house on

the East Cape, the prospects of dealing with many subcontractors, the Mexican government (social security), building permits, local mayors, unions, etc, is a daunting thought. The person who represented us in dealing with all the aforementioned issues was Carlos. He guided the project masterfully through all the challenges that Mexico can pose, and did it with grace, honesty and integrity.


Second, we valued his tremendous design skills. He was a perpetual source of ideas for making the house more unique, integrating the design into our surrounding environment, finding ways to make it more comfortable while saving energy, and independently putting many beautiful finishing touches on the building. He also acted as counsel to us for interior design. His zealous attention to detail really made for an extraordinary building. We also found Carlos very open to feedback and our design ideas, which he would integrate into the building. The two-way communication was excellent and his openness made him and his team a pleasure to work with.


Third, Carlos brought to us some of the best subcontractors in the area. From handcrafted copper door makers to beautiful stone walls to hand-made carpentry to palapa makers to mural artists, Carlos knows all the best people. While it wasn't obvious how valuable it was at the beginning of the project, after having attempted a few little projects on our own, we now realize that "knowing the right people" makes all the difference. Carlos knows all the right people to

make things happen. He also has an exceptional team back at his office to support him.


We enthusiastically recommend Arq. Carlos Montero as an architect and general contractor! If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us at bdrobert@yahoo.com



Brian and Eileen Robertson






Casa Radwin



December / 2010


Hola Carlos,


I thought I would write you a note about the wonderful house you have built for my family.

Building a home anywhere can be a challenge but building one 3000 miles away could have

been a much bigger challenge.


Working with you and your very professional staff made it a very easy process. Your staff's

dedication to the project was very impressive.

I remember when we first met, you told me this is a partnership and you would make sure

everything turned out fine. You are a man of your word.


The house in Pedregal is very unique and captured the vision my wife and I had for a beach home.

The stonework and arches are magnificent as well as the environmental touches that allow the house to blend in with its natural surroundings.


My family and I want to thank you again and we all look forward to seeing you in Cabo soon


Best Regards

Ron Radwin






Casa Del Amigo



November /2010


With the idea of investing in good real estate, I met with Architect Carlos Montero so that he could orient

me. He suggested I invest in Los Cabos, and consider selling or renting the property in the market of foreign clients.


At that moment, taking into consideration that I live in Mexico City, I put the project in Mr. Montero's hands.

I asked him to select an appropriate lot for the project. A few days later, I went to Los Cabos so that he could show me various developments. While on that visit, I decided on the lot that I bought, at all times with his guidance and analysis. Mr. Montero immediate began preparing the project.


During my visit to BCS, I had the opportunity to see some of the homes Mr. Montero had built, sufficient to

give me confidence and knowledge that I was in good hands. Because of the distance and my activities, I gave complete responsibility to Mr. Montero to design and build Casa del Amigo; communication about progress on the project was mostly by Email. Mr. Montero fortunately made all the decisions about materials, design, and finishings for the house. When the house was practically finished, I traveled to Los Cabos for the third time to see what had been done in almost one year of construction.


I was pleasantly surprised, and satisfied with the work done by Mr. Montero and the employees in his firm.

The decoration and furniture were also selected under the supervision and direction of Architect Carlos

Montero. Up to the present, I have continued relying on Mr. Montero for all matters related to Casa del Amigo, and have at all times received an immediate response from the architect and his efficient team. I am making plans for my retirement and most surely will continue investing in that part of Mexico, as long as I am able to obtain advice from Montero Architects.



MaElena Moreno

General Manager








Teffenhart Desarrollos



Feb 7, 2002


From 1994 through 2001, our construction company, Teffenhart Desarrollos, built custom homes in the Cabo San Lucas area. During this time, we met Carlos Montero, and built both a business and personal relationship with him.


As an Architect, Carlos worked on many of our projects in different capacities: design consultant, complete architectural plans, as well as job site supervision. Carlos worked with us on several projects in the Pedregal, Rancho Paraiso, Villa Serena, Cabo Bello, Cabo del Sol and Palmilla.


Our business relationship with Carlos evolved into discussions about forming a partnership: MONTERO/TEFFENHART Architects and builders. Only our decision to return full-time to California prevented that from happening. Carlos Montero is a very honest, hard working professional. He is a talented,

competent Architect, and a quality, conscientious Builder.


We highly recommend Carlos to anyone planning to build in the Cabo San Lucas area.

We may be contacted at 909-303-9824 in California, or through our web site:

teffenhartconstruction.com. (bob@teffenhartconstruction.com)



Bob and Karen Teffenhart










January 5th, 2005


Dear Carlos,


It is not often that one gets to have the pleasure to say "EXCELLENT JOB!" to someone in the Architectural and Construction Fields. As you no doubt recall, I am very familiar with these fields from my many years with my own company in a related field in San Diego, but even more so as a Realtor here in Los Cabos.

I have followed your career from very close since I met you sometime back in 1997 when I first came to Cabo.


At the time you had again won another award for the design of a Government office. You were the talk of the town, but I really didn't know you. It was through the years and through personal experience in seeing from close --as I often attended the meetings-- how you created and developed a concept for a home for several of my customers, that my respect and appreciation grew.


I saw you not only create fantastic and functional designs, but build them to happy completion. Designs which took into account, first and foremost, the customers' needs and wishes, the lay of the land, location, etc, and of course, their budget. I also saw you solve the inevitable problems that often come with

working with so many Government offices, rules and regulations, and more often than not, the absence of the customer. When a customer asks me to recommend an Architect Builder, your name comes up followed by these simple words:


"He is definitely very CREATIVE, RELIABLE, HONEST and most RESOURCEFUL.

(He knows everybody that is connected and needed in this field, so he makes things happen, and well.) And, yes, a Man of his Word." You deserve the praise my friend, because you have earned it…!





Pietra Serena, S.R.L.










December 2002



The project known as the "Casa del Monte Gobernador" (the House on Governor's Hill) was born when the road was being built up to the end of the hill. The complete size of the parcel of 4179.31 square meters was fully assigned for this project but, it was actually located for its most part on the road and streets leading to the summit of the hill! Thus, a tremendous challenge was facing us. It was then that the Pedregal sales agents asked me "where was the house going to be built if the street/road was on the parcel?" To this I answered: "Well, the house will be built on the street roads!" The sales agents suggested, at a sales meeting, to have a preliminary project designed. This would enable them to show to interested

customers the potential this particular parcel offers.


My daughter Letty Diaz Rivera, Pedregal's Sales Manager, recommended Carlos Montero, an architect with wide experience with projects and building in the area of Los Cabos and La Paz. I had met Carlos Montero, a while back, from various tennis tournaments that his kids and my grandchildren had participated, with Carlos being a well-rounded player himself! I had also heard of his reputation as a creative and reliable architect/builder.


I got together with Carlos and we visited the parcel, checking out the various opportunities and possibilities while exchanging ideas. I promised to give him a draft with some of my suggestions while he himself would then elaborate his own preliminary sketches. Eventually, we got together again, analyzing the pros and cons of this initial brain-storm. He then proceeded to take with him my suggested sub-division and location of each of the elements. From this meeting, the project was then elaborated with intervening meetings to review details. After three months of joint collaboration and revisions, the preliminary project for this house was ready.


The time for a final analysis came. We arrived to the conclusion that it could still be improved upon, and so we went ahead and finally came up with the layout of the project as shown in this brochure. As we were both satisfied with it, Carlos and his team proceeded to the architectural drawings and computer processing, including recent pictures of the lot and views. We feel that we have a very realistic presentation of how the house will look once built. Needless to say, my sales people and myself are very satisfied with his contribution, ideas and outcome of the project as it looks on paper.


I am writing this letter as a testimony to the creativity and work quality of Carlos Montero and his team of engineers and draftsmen. Please feel free to call me for any further inquiries or recommendation about him at our office numbers (624) 143 1341 or 143 1342 or by email: info@pedregal.com




Manuel Diaz Rivera,

Architect and Pedregal Developer L.